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“[Dr. Robin’s] empathy and directness knock me out …”


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Dr. Robin will inspire you to stop spinning your wheels.
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In today’s world, Dr. Robin’s courageous voice and gifts of healing, convening, and bridge-building are needed more than ever.

A licensed psychologist, bestselling author, and media personality, Dr. Robin brings a uniquely healing and fearlessly truthful perspective to society’s most pressing social justice and mental health issues.

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Why Hire Dr. Robin?

1. Audiences love her.

“Her presentation was powerful and deeply moving.”

Why Hire Dr. Robin?

2. She encourages transformation.

“Our network is forever changed by her message.”

Why Hire Dr. Robin?

3. She will tackle tough topics.

“She helped us address critical topics during this time of COVID-19 and civil unrest.”

Why Hire Dr. Robin?

4. She overdelivers.

“Dr. Robin exceeded all expectations”

Why Hire Dr. Robin?

5. She is full of energy and fire

“Dr. Robin took the conversation to the next level and totally engaged our participants.”

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Dr. Robin’s natural ability to understand, and to connect with young people in the Black and Brown community on a wide range of real-life issues, took the conversation to the next level and totally engaged our on-line participants.

Mental Health Summit for Youth was produced by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and One Hundred Black Men of New York, Inc. Dr. Robin’s honest, empathic, and useful suggestions as how to best cope with the challenges and stresses they experienced, resonated with our audience.

Marc Kaplan, Vice President
Mount Sinai Health System

[Dr. Robin] exudes humility and grace, and our network is forever changed by her inspirational message.

Her team was very professional, accommodating, and a joy to work with. I look forward to future opportunities to be blessed by her gift to transform ‘pain into purpose.’”

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dr. Robin, Thank you for a powerful and deeply moving hour this afternoon.

We are so grateful that you shared your personal story, your wisdom, and your expertise with the ABT dancers, musicians, staff and crew.

American Ballet Theatre

Dr. Robin exceeded all expectations.

Today’s session was the perfect conclusion to our 6-month mental health series … making sure we were addressing the critical topics during the time of COVID-19 and civil unrest.

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp.

Dr. Robin’s Wake Up! Show Up! Grow Up! Rise Up! presentation was delivered in a transparent, passionate, and relatable manner. Her presentation left the team wanting to hear more! It was a meaningful session for our team and I would recommend Dr. Robin to any organization looking to energize their team.

Philip Supeck, Hospitality Minister Director
Salvation Army Kroc Center